Kings League Matchday 11: Rayo de Barcelona vs Kunisports summary and result of the last day

Kings League Matchday 11: Rayo de Barcelona vs Kunisports summary and result of the last day

It’s always nice to see Rayo de Barcelona play, they gave a great show playing without pressure even if Kunisports were not left out

eye with Kunisports that even though they have six wins have a negative goal difference in the ranking of league of kings. If they don’t beat Rayo, they can be kicked out of the Playoffs, even if it’s very, very, very complicated. From Spursito, they went out and it’s impossible for them to make the playoffs so they can go out and have fun.

Even so, the eliminated teams must go out to win and play well so as not to harm the teams that are still in the fight. They have to play as always and whatever happens has to happen. Sergio Agüero will have to get over a Rayo de Barcelona side who leave without pressure.

player 12

He barcelona lightning did what we all wanted to see, SpursitoMartí Miras will wear the jersey of the club he presides over. Kunisports Healed Weavera player who has crossed several well-known teams in the Catalan categories.

secret weapon

He barcelona lightning used a sadness shooting in the 7th minute of the match. We all thought Spursito himself was going to throw it, but he was eventually Boom the one who used the secret weapon and sent the ball to the post. This is the first penalty shootout that this player has missed.

Sadness of Kunisports in the 35th minute Hidalgo scores to place the 1-4 on the scoreboard. Second goal for the Kun team in a few minutes.

Summary Rayo de Barcelona vs Kunisports

Barcelona Lightning 1 – 4 Kunisports

Kunisports He started to play very well, with good passes between the lines and coro opened the scoring thanks to a fortuitous refusal a few minutes after the start of the game. mario reyes I answered equalize the game in the 10th minute of the first part after a somewhat chaotic game at the edge of the surface. The throw of of got a 5, so we will have a 5 against 5.

The second part starts again with Kunisports set the pace of the match, with a good counter that ended in a clear offside. Rayo tries it on the wings without finding a goal. frankie’s fault which cuts a counter by Kunisports which could perfectly have ended with a goal. Yellow for the player.

great goal of the choir to give Kun Agüero’s side the lead after a fine pass between the lines. Rayo de Barcelona requests a VAR review for a possible offside, but the goal does not end up disallowed. 1-2 on the scoreboard. Kunisports takes a corner and Ruggeri sends it into the net without problems to add another goal. As if that were not enough, they ask secret weapon and they are placed 1-4 after a penalty very well shot by Hidalgo.

Full time no overtime. He Kun’s team He pressed very well throughout the match, even if he did not deviate from the canons to which he has accustomed us. He was much more precise than his rival and won a comfortable victory more than deserved. which places him 5th in the standings. He barcelona lightning He complied, chaining the passes well but without finishing finding the goal to take the lead.

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