A little over a week ago Karol G and Shakira launched their new collaboration: THQ. A huge success that has the whole planet talking about what this letter means, analyzed in detail, and it’s no wonder!

The two artists from Medallo and Barranquilla are today reaching incredible milestones on the main music streaming platforms: Spotify and YouTube. They know what their fans love and they knew how to give it to them with this great song already playing everywhere, and that’s exactly what led them to sneak into the Top 10 and achieve No. 1 in the world with THQ.

Karol G and Shakira’s reaction to their world number 1 with THQ

All work has its reward, and what a success my darlings! The good things follow one another and, after the beautiful recognition of Shakira and Bizarrap and Karol G with his new album, here is your common recognition.

A throat to which the bichota was quick to react a ese Nº1 Global y lo ha querido compartir con sus seguidores: “Como empezó todo… como va. No hay palabras que describan este momento. Mi primera canción número uno global la comparto con ella, Shakira, y ella sabe lo honrada que I feel. THQ World number one!!!!!!! Thank you all for the endless love,” wrote Karol G.

a few words for Shakira also wanted to respond alluding to the joy that also represents for her the sharing of this success: “Very happy also to share this world number 1 with you Karol G and grateful for so much love! Barranquilla – Medallo”, she replied.

There is no doubt that their new collaboration has become a global phenomenon that surely has many more surprises to offer us. The hit of hits has already become one of the most streamed tracks so far in 2023, and what’s left of it…

Adding Achievements

But this is not the only success that the artists have collected, separately they also become the queens of music. the interpreter of Monotony confirmed that she had become the most listened to latina woman on online music players with worldwide with its BZRP Musical Sessions #53 there THQ.

But she’s not the only one achieving great accomplishments with her music. The bichota also reached make history with his new album Tomorrow will be skipjack and it managed to be the first Spanish-language album by a woman to hit No. 1 in the United States.

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