Kamala Harris visits the El Paso border to address the immigration crisis

Kamala Harris visits the El Paso border to address the immigration crisis

EL PASO, Texas – Shortly before 6 a.m. ET on Friday, June 25, United States Vice President Kamala Harris departed from Washington, DC, to head for the El Paso, Texas border in order to take a tour and address the migration crisis currently being experienced in the country.

During her visit, Harris will be accompanied by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, Senator Dick Durbin and Congresswoman Verónica Escobar.

“Hopefully when the vice president arrives she will see what we know, that El Paso is a community and that we are a region of love, a region where we have treated migrants with dignity and compassion,” Escobar said. “In my opinion, it is the way we have to operate as a country.”

Due to the leadership role that Kamala Harris has been assigned in terms of immigration matters, Escobar assures that the visit of the vice president to El Paso is of vital importance because many migrants from Central America cross the border from this community.

“I want to talk to her (Harris) about a new way to advance immigration and immigration reform,” said the congresswoman. “It begins with the work that she is doing with Central America, we in Congress also have a part of the work, we have to advance laws and change the laws, but also in the way we are treating the people who are arriving, we also need to change that”.

Per Harris’s agenda, the vice president will visit the Border Patrol station in El Paso and then meet with advocates from faith-based organizations, shelter providers and legal services at the El Paso International Airport.

Kamala Harris is also scheduled to comment to the press and answer questions before leaving El Paso for the state of California.

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