It cost him, but it seems that, in the end, Kaley Cuoco He found emotional stability after two failed marriages. It seems that things with Tom Pelfrey They are better than in their previous experiences. Indeed, the couple has just welcomed their first daughter.

Kaley and Tom met last April, a year ago, and in October they already announced the pregnancy. They didn’t get married, but they assured that theirs was love at first sight in the premiere of one of the seasons of ozark in which he participated. She heard him speak and when she turned around and saw him, she fell in love instantly. A month later, they have already formalized their relationship and everything went very quickly.

Now they have in their arms Mathilde Carmine Richie Perphrey, their first daughter and we were able to meet her through the photos the couple posted. And nothing to cover his face, we got to see him in all his glory and see how handsome he is. Come on, images to melt and die of love.

“ 03/30/23 Introducing Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey, the new light of our lives! We are thrilled and grateful for this little miracle ,” the happy mum shared.

“Thank you to the doctors, nurses, family and friends who have helped us tremendously over the past few days. We are blessed beyond belief @tommypelphrey nOr I thought I could fall more in love with you, but I did “, he ended up declaring his love to his companion once again.

The first congratulations on social networks were not long in coming.

loving dad

The happy dad also shared a message on his networks: “My heart is full of love and gratitude for this miracle… Eternally grateful for the strength and courage of my soul mate and best friend., Kaley Cuoco. You are amazing”.

By the way, in one of the photographs we saw how the actor has the name of his partner and now the mother of his daughter tattooed on one of his fingers.

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