Jota Peleteiro’s poison dart to Jessica Bueno after seeing her with another man

Jota Peleteiro’s poison dart to Jessica Bueno after seeing her with another man

The fact that the divorce of Jota Peleteiro and Jessica Bueno ended in a draw was something that sounded absurd and even they themselves do not believe it. After ending their marriage last year, both shared messages on social networks to make us believe that everything had gone well despite the breakup of their love.

However, sometimes the rage of the moment plays tricks on us, and that may be what happened to the ex-footballer on this important Father’s Day. Tricks and poison darts in social networks are understood, but judging by his latest shot, Peleteiro won the match in a single game.

The former footballer reacted to congratulations from his ex-wife and mother of his children on the emotional day and did so through Instagram stories, violating the right to privacy of a person.

An attack that goes beyond limits

In the image he shared on the networks, Jessica Bueno appears accompanied by another man smiling and enjoying dinner at a restaurant. However, it was not what caught the eye, but the harsh words that Jota Peleteiro wrote about them.

Jota Peleteiro mocks Jessica Bueno / Instagram @kingjota23

“El dibildos and Jessica Bueno,” he wrote in reference to the mother of his children and the stranger who appeared with her. “As the Dibildos has one eye, it does not miss. Now I’ll have to keep two tickets,” he added with the obvious intention to make fun of her and humiliate her.

Each of these despicable phrases is accompanied by emoticons that underline and clarify Peleteiro’s intention, which is neither more nor less than to stir up controversy on a social network where he is followed by more than 70,000 people and which, of course, is open to any user.

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