A few days ago, Joshua Bassett received the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Choice Male TV Star for his role in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. During his acceptance speech, he shared how finding faith had saved his life. He stated, “Many people here are overwhelmed, heartbroken, and struggling with life. I am here to tell those who have lost hope that there is a God who loves you more than you can imagine. His promise is peace, and my testimony is my health.”

Bassett’s words have been widely discussed on social media due to the changes he has experienced in recent months. After publicly declaring his support for the LGBT+ community a few years ago, he decided to be baptized in Bethel Church last year. This decision was controversial, as the church has been known to support conversion therapies, which Bassett recently denounced on Twitter, stating, “Hate and fear have no place here.”

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It is unclear whether Joshua Bassett’s recent behavior at his concert in Vancouver, where he performed as part of his tour, The Complicated Tour, is due to his feeling of security and protection after finding faith. Images of the concert have been circulating on social media, causing concern among his fans.

During his performance of Different, his latest single, Bassett walked along the railings of the first floor without any type of security or protection, aided only by the hands of theater-goers. This caused many in the audience to question his safety and sanity. One misstep could have had serious health consequences if he had fallen.

Twitter users have also expressed their concerns with comments such as “What are you doing?” and “What’s going on?” However, the following day at his concert in Portland, Bassett’s behavior was much more relaxed. He approached his audience several times without putting his life in danger. His most daring act was jumping from the top of a piano on the stage. It is unclear whether this was his own decision or following the advice of his team. In any case, we are relieved that Joshua Bassett’s physical and mental health remains intact.

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