Today I bring you sad news. Joel Hochberg, who was the director of the legendary Rareware in his heyday, died this week at the age of 87. was his Rare the one who shared the news in their social networksthanking the former developer executive for all he did for Rare.

Rest in peace Joel Hochberg

  • Hochberg enlisted in the ranks of Rare in 1986, overseeing the company’s business operations in the United States, with a division based in Miami, Florida.
  • Besides, while at Rare, he served as president of machinery company Rare Coin-It Inc.
  • Throughout his career, Hochberg has been recognized in the credits of legendary games that have marked the history of video games such as Conker’s Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007 and Bad Fur Day.
  • before joining Rareserved as vice president at the arcade machine manufacturer Belts.

On social networks, the former executive of RareTim Stamper, mentioned how Hochberg “changed the course of history” giving the company access to its first Famicom in the early years. The rest is history. Besides, other former Rare employees and industry figures expressed their condolences.

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