Colorado Governor Jared Polis rejected a request by Colorado’s Republican Congressional delegation to stop paying unemployed residents an additional $ 300 a week in federal pandemic aid. Republican representatives argue that the payment, scheduled for Sept. 6, is hurting businesses by discouraging unemployed workers from looking for work.

Representatives Doug Lamborn, Ken Buck and Lauren Boebert noted in a letter that Colorado restaurants and many other businesses are having a hard time hiring workers. Many states headed by Republican governors have canceled the fringe benefit.

More than $ 1,000 will be received by Colorado residents who are unemployed, and decide to return to the full-time workforce.

“We have to stop paying people who should be working to sit at home on the couch,” Boebert said in a statement. “It is time for the government to end COVID-19 bonuses and stop discouraging work.”

Polis rejected the proposal, arguing that the benefit is helping companies. “If Colorado canceled these benefits prematurely, it would hurt people, business owners and the economy as a whole,” he wrote.

Colorado offers its own cash incentives for job seekers. A “Jumpstart” program rewards those who are hired before the end of the month with up to $ 1,600.

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