Jadel won his second victory in TCMS 10! After having surprised in the role of Axl Rose —leader of Guns N’ Roses—, with his version of welcome to the junglelast night he was moved by putting himself in the shoes of Luis Miguel.

Because, before embarking on the clone, he already affirmed loud and clear that the Puerto Rican was his first musical reference. He was the artist who made him take a microphone for the first time and whom he listened to all his life.

The canary interpreted The unconditional in a flawless way. Her performance went from minus to plus, leaving the audience and jury speechless and awarding her top marks of the night.

The contestants succeeded in imitating his voice to perfection, as well as his gestures… and even his way of speaking! As he demonstrated once he finished his musical number and gave thanks aloud like the very sun of Mexico.

Jadel’s connection with Luis Miguel

During the show, Jadel not only confessed that Luis Miguel was one of his biggest idols, but also assured that being able to imitate him was a fantasy for him. A dream come true which was multiplied by two after winning the gala on Friday April 28.

However, despite being his favorite artist, the canary said emulating him was a challenge for him: “While I was rehearsing I realized that I was singing his songs, but I never emulated him. At first it was difficult for me, but, when I started to find it, I became calmer”.

In addition, Jadel took the opportunity to tell the time at which she met him. It was leaving a restaurant where Luis Miguel was dining. Jadel received “a tip”, but played the dismissal to hide it. “I didn’t tell him I was getting into music because of him, but he looked at my ex-girlfriend and gave her a wink,” he said.

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