I wanted to give it a few warm up episodes because obviously judging a newcomer to anime after just one episode is quite a tough task to face. In the end, we are talking about animes that adapt dozens and dozens of manga chapters, so a little patience is in order. However, after a few first episodes I have the feeling that, decidedly, the anime “Mashle” is the perfect son of “One Punch Man” and “Harry Potter”.

Mashle is a new comic anime that knows how to parody and press the button

These are some of the reasons why I think if you have more or less enjoyed one of the aforementioned universes“Mashle” is also an anime that will positively appeal to your viewer’s palate:

  • At Mashle, it all starts with Mash potatoesthe protagonist of the franchise who is in a world where magic is paramount… and yet born without magic. Yeah, like he was Deku from My Hero Academia or Asta from Black Clover.
  • To compensate, Mash trains his physique to satietyand here a new parallelism appears: indeed, with respect to It’s from Black Clover develops a physique that allows him to compete without magic in a world made of magic, but his body evolves to limits closer to those of One Punch Man.
Mash could very well be a distant cousin of Saitama
  • As a double example (with spoilers): Mashle Season 1 Episode 4 basically plays Quidditch (they call it a Duel, but they’re not fooling anyone here). What happens in this game? Well, to begin with, not only is the sport of Harry Potter parodied, but to win Mashle develops a strategy consisting of two steps: the first step is to ‘fly’ (remember, it has no magic) by moving its legs very quickly, Like a bird. Secondly, take the ball and start sneaking it over and over into the opponent’s goal with a spin shot which keeps coming in and coming back into his hands. The result? It brings the score to 999 and sets a new all-time record.
  • This example from Episode 4 is just one of the many ways Mashle has teased the concept of Harry Potter so far with clear elements of One Punch Man humor. an anime that goes to the absurd in many of its situations but, due to the magical context, works wonders. In the end, one of the great qualities of One Punch Man in its early days was in how Saitama broke expectations of the hero conceptboth because of how the viewer understood him beforehand and how he was portrayed by other characters such as Genos.

Obviously, I can’t force anyone to watch “Mashle” anime, but I feel like it’s happening without drawing too much attention to what it is. I also remember that Crunchyroll deals with distributing the anime on a weekly basis., so it is easily accessible in Spain. Anyway, what was said: if you give it a chance, I’m sure many of you will be satisfied.

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