Incredible performance by Joséphine Park in a mini-series of only 4 chapters

In recent times, some series have been released with a similar plot: Strange deaths begin to occur at a hospital, with one of its employees the prime suspect. But having seen this weekend The nurseI feel like rarely has it been told so masterfully as with this Danish miniseries created by Kasper Barford. Maybe it’s the Nordic point of view, or maybe a script that knows how to condense the whole story into just 4 chapters. But I think you gotta give it a chance a series that lasts less than 3 hours and could have been turned into a movie without effort.

What have critics said about The Nurse?

The nurse it’s a good series netflix if we look at their reviews, because they are all positive, something surprising coming from the platform of streaming:

  • horror paradise: “Josephine Park is making a splash again“.
  • Stable cut ready: “It tells a well-known “true crime” story, but at the same time it’s a tense and well-constructed thriller, led by two good performances.‘.
  • decision maker: “He approaches his talk about serial murders by showing a murderer who does not fit the usual profile. This, in itself, is reason enough to watch its four chapters.“.

Is it worth watching The Nurse on Netflix?

Now, beyond what critics like these say, I’ll tell you about my experience with The Nurse on Netflix. I assure you that I’m fed up true crimea genre that is already abused on social media platforms. streaming Ho are you doing. But that seems like a brutal idea to do a miniseries based on real facts that does not waste time and in less than 3 hours I will tell you everything: thanks to a well-written and well-acted screenplay, a sober but elegant staging and dialogues that know how to balance the tension between the characters, The nurse is an above average product.

You will like it if…

You’ll like Nurse if you’re a fan of the genre true crime, but you are tired of watching series that are based on real events without presenting them in an attractive way. This Danish series manages to tell what we all know, in a new and visually elegant way.

You won’t like it if…

In exchange, The nurse you won’t like it if you’re tired of the genre true crime and you are looking for a new series. Although functional and remarkable in many ways, this Danish product is quite conventional..

The Nurse rests much of its appeal on the magnificent performances of its protagonists

How to watch The Nurse on Netflix

If you’re about to try, You can watch The Nurse on Netflix via this link. If you click on it, it will take you directly to the miniseries page on the platform streaming.

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