Is the PS VR2 in trouble?  Sony didn’t want to share the glasses’ sales data

Is the PS VR2 in trouble? Sony didn’t want to share the glasses’ sales data

PlayStation shared a financial report with a wealth of data yesterday morning, but without mentioning the virtual reality device

This past dawn, sony shared a financial report with different PlayStation sales data in the first quarter of the year 2023, where highlights the incredible success of the PS5, console that sold so much that it was the best-selling console in history during this period. These are record numbers and it shows that there were a lot of people who wanted some and were waiting for there to be enough stock. They also shared the number of PS Plus subscribers current figure, an increase compared to those given in December. But now It’s time to talk about PS VR2

you already know it PS VR2 is a device that went on sale this first quarter of the year 2023, it was therefore expected that in this first financial report of the year (which, in fact, is the last of the financial year of sony) have been included Sales data for PS5 virtual reality glasses. However, you have already read the title, so let’s look at the possible reasons for why was it not so?

No PS VR2 sales data

You can see official financial data through this link, since they are entirely public. You can find data there that refers not only to sales of PS5 or its games, but also to PS Plus subscribers and monthly active players.

  • However, there is absolutely no mention of PS VR2 sales
  • This is somewhat odd, as financial reports for a quarter usually include sales of products launched during that quarter
  • when this is speculation begins being the most prevalent among the community who maybe they want to hide the sales data because they sold very few glasses
  • And why would they want to avoid such transparency? Probably because if they reveal PS VR2 sales data and it is shown that were much lower than expected, may have a negative impact on the actions of sony short term

In any case, this is only speculation, so now it remains to wait for the time to pass and see if sony reveals sales data. However, if the reason is They sold very little surely the PS VR2 sales figure will not increase much if they continue to maintain the price of € 599.99. What do you think?

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