Uh-huh… Wow“. If someone says this to you when you say something about them, what conclusions do you draw? Stick with this concise sentence full of onomatopoeia because it is closely related to the rumor that has been going around for months about a black Superman played by Michael B. Jordan. The actor who plays Adonis Creed in the saga Creed and who makes his directorial debut with the third installment could be the new Steel man from DC. However, after weeks of endless information, the protagonist has finally spoken.

Does Michael B. Jordan really know nothing about a black Superman?

Michael B. Jordan He denies this rumor, that’s for sure. entertainment tonight was able to speak with the actor on the red carpet of Credo 3 by asking him directly to check whether he fell into the trap or not:

  • And finally, you came back for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. We are very happy. But now you’re gonna play DC as black Superman“, said the journalist.
  • Who said that? Who said that? You said it, I didn’t. I haven’t even heard any rumors about it. Uh-huh… Wow“, he replied between two laughs. Michael B. Jordan.

Of course, the surprised face is not deleted by anyone: the interpreter did not know where to go because of this problem. And that can mean two things: either you really don’t know anything about it nigger superman what would implement CC in the near future, or you either know too much and have been caught in the act.

In person, I bet for the second theory, especially for that “who said that?” which he throws out totally bewildered, as if someone had announced the movie he was preparing and he hadn’t heard anything. But that’s just my personal opinion. Seeing how superhero movies evolve, I think Warner Bros.. there CC yes they will try introduce new racialized versions of his characters. And I don’t know nobody better than Michael B. Jordan to be the new one Steel man.

A black Superman and he would be played by Michael B. Jordan? Give me three!

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