AT Miley Cyrus a pseudonym to secretly publish music? Or is it a new piece of Artificial Intelligence? These are the two theories that are being considered at the moment on the mysterious recording project of an unknown artist whose tone of voice was too similar to that of the American.

It all started on March 10 when the album Endless Summer Vacation burst onto the record market, sweeping the major sales charts halfway around the world. This collection of songs by the artist is presented by songs like Flowers or River which become her first two hits given the theme that inspires them: the messages that Miley sends to her ex Liam Hemsworth.

Curiously, on the same day but under much less spotlight and generating little excitement or media noise, the work of an unknown artist named Carla Pierce. His collection of songs compiled on the album Down with me goes unnoticed in the eyes of the musical universe obsessed with new compositions by Miley Cyrus.

Pierce’s songs are inspired by feelings of breaking up and seem like demos by an artist whose work has yet to give a final push. But that’s where the singer’s fandom comes in to detect similarities not just in the voices of the two performers but also in the signs that indicate the song titles were those that originally had other projects announced. of the singer.

Unfortunately, as soon as the buzz around the possibility of it being a secret album started, Carla Pierce’s songs disappeared from major streaming platforms. A way to continue to attract attention? There is no doubt that they succeed.

However, in the last few hours, the theory pointed out by the New York Post that everything is an invention of Artificial Intelligence has also gained momentum. The use that many users make of this tool, which allows us to enjoy impossible songs and collaborations, would also have served to create this mysterious LP based on certain patterns and using Miley’s characteristic voice.

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