Tinet Rubira and Chenoa talk about Tu cara me suena 10 and all the surprises of the edition

Tinet Rubiraexecutive producer of Your face looks familiar to meit’s very clear : “the formula for success is not unique“and in the case of this contest, depends on skill that we discover in the candidates, whether they are singers, actors, journalists or comedians; sense of humor: “although we take imitations very seriously, we want everything to exude a lot of fun” and the spectacle that each gala ends up becoming.

Your face looks familiar to me premieres on Friday March 24, 2023 at Antenna 3but his first gala is now available on ATRE Player Premium and I was able to verify that it is quite a spectacle. One of those that are no longer regularly on television. And on the occasion of the imminent premiere of the format, I was able to chat with the two Tinet Rubira like with Chenoamember of the jury since the fifth season.

Tinet Rubira: above all, Your face resonates with me is a show at all levels

Retrieve chat with Tinet Rubirathe producer ensures that Your face is familiar to me he really enjoys the spectacle that each performance becomes:”It’s a great show, there are great lights, costumes and hairstyles, choreography… We put a lot of ingredients into it so that the public has a good time and doesn’t feel to waste time“.

obviously, Your face looks familiar to me It is an edition that must overcome the enormous legacy it has created over the years. After this format with a Spanish label has been sold in more than 49 countries, there is news on the button and many friends who will support the contestants. And as he said himself Tinet Rubira a few minutes before this conversation during the press conference held at Antenna 3the jury bears a great deal of responsibility for the success: “He is the best jury of current television“.

Tinet Rubira is a lover of the format

Now well, Will Gestmusic and Antena 3 recover the variants Your face does not sound to me yet (with anonymous competitors) and Your face sounds to me Mini? Tinet Rubira He explains to me that despite the fact that the anonymous edition obtained good data from share in Italy, there is still nothing on the table. This, yes, It is this version that would have the most votes in the event of a return.beyond adaptation recovery for children.

Chenoa: “There are dives and it shows on the faces”

Chenoa rehearse as a jury, and that does not surprise me: it is a face very dear to the public. And in a conversation with the media admitted that there is “spadesamong competitors. Because receiving a 4 is not the same as receiving an 8. Or opting for 10 and finally taking 10. Now, Have these complaints ever conditioned you in your vote? The singer denies:I explain it in an affectionate and technical way, I mix the two things up a bit. At no time do I give an argument that is… It’s because I want to!”.

During the press conference, Lolita Flores He joked about the possibility of his jury foreman being removed. We asked the same question to Chenoa. She, without being as adamant as her fellow juror, agrees with lolita: “I have 6 edits without missing a day. No, because it’s my house. I’m very comfortable and I wouldn’t want to leave“.

The million dollar question. Which competitor surprised you the most? Although at first he wasn’t going to get wet (“the truth is that everyone“), Chenoa ventured to give a name: “Joey. Because it has no filter. I am a big fan. I was eagerly awaited at each gala“.

chenoa your face looks familiar to me 10
Chenoa is one of the most charismatic jurors in Your Face Looks Familiar 10

By the way, if you saw the first gala of ATRE Player Premium, you will have understood that everything starts from the top. The level is very high and I wanted to know if it was happening to grow gala after gala However, in the first, all of the contestants debut with nerves. What does Chenoa think? Although the first time we had everything more or less clear, as the programs went on we got a mess. With the level, it was much more difficult to choose“, assures Chenoa.

When does Your face seem familiar to me 10?

The first gala of Your face seems familiar to me 10 is now available in ATRE Player Premiumbut is issued in Antenna 3 the next Friday March 24, 2023 at 10 p.m..

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