Action figures are the hidden collectibles of Neomuna in Destiny 2. You can find them scattered all over the planet, and one of them is in the Radiosonde district. You can find this location near the southern part of the map, which means it will be hidden, making it difficult to track. You are only given a simple hint to specify where to look. This is what you need to know to find the action figure in Radiosonde in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Radiosonde Action Figure in Destiny 2

To drop down to Radiosonde, quickly travel to the port area of ​​Límíng, then head south, jump on a handful of platforms, and continue to this area. Unfortunately, the only clue you’re given as to where to find the Radiosonde action figure is: “In the mechanical heart of the Radiosonde, mark time on the screen of a gold motor and adjust it with dials unconventional.” It’s not too much detail, but you know you need to find the mechanical heart of the radiosonde.

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You will have to fight in this sector, hitting the multiple Vex that you will encounter, until you reach the end. The ending should have a large generator with an orange computer you can interact with when you get to the end. Go to the console and activate it. Turn around and you will see symbols at the top and cylinders at the bottom.

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You must shoot the reels in a specific order for a silver diamond to appear, indicating that you have hit the correct reel. Giving each cylinder a number, from one to eight, from left to right, this is the order you need to fire them: six, eight, four, five, two, seven, three and finally one. After you pull this command and learn this secret, you can turn around and pick up the figure.

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