All the films and series of the horror saga ‘Infernal Possession’ listed in chronological order

There is little left for the premiere of Infernal Possession: Awakeningthe fifth film in the iconic horror saga infernal possession, or as it is known by its original name: Evil Dead. The creator of this franchise was director Sam Raimi, who rose to stardom in the genre with his first trilogy about this universe. After the success of these tapes, the Evil Dead mythology grew into a series and even had its own remake. If you’re planning on going this weekend to see the fifth episode of Infernal Possession and want to catch up on the movies and the series, This is the order in which to see the whole saga of evil Dead.

Infernal Possession (The Evil Dead, 1981)

The first film Infernal Possession is part of cult cinema and is a benchmark in the horror genre. This low-budget film was a fine demonstration of ingenuity on the part of Sam Raimi. The first part lays all the foundations of the universe of evil Dead like the book of the dead, the Necronomicon. The story tells how five young people will spend the weekend in a cabin lost in a dark forest in Tennessee. As they settle in and night falls, the trapdoor leading to the basement flies open. They decide to go downstairs to investigate and find a tape recorder, a strange ritual knife and an old book.

Terribly Dead (Evil Dead 2, 1987)

After six years of the first film, Sam Raimi It continues with this second part with a larger budget and a more ambitious production. The first difference with the previous band is the way Bruce Campbell he becomes the absolute hero and protagonist for the rest of the saga, delivering his best performance. Raimi could not count on the rights to put a summary of Infernal Possession at the beginning of this second, so the director rewrites what happened in the first seven minutes of terribly dead. The initial humor that could be glimpsed in evil Dead it ends up exploding in this tape, navigating between comedy and terror beautifully.

Infernal Possession 2 1987

Army of Darkness, 1993

The third part of the trilogy gives a turn of the helm in history, it is the first time that the hut has left to travel in a medieval and fantastic world. Ash (Bruce Campbell) has traveled to 13th century England, where the forces of evil reign in the Middle Ages. The brave knights prepare for battle and the peasants hide behind the walls, the arrival of this new hero accompanied by his chainsaw and his shotgun will change the game. Sam Raimi moved away from terror in this third film to approach the fantastic, with a clear intention to return to comedy. A change between Universal executives resulted in different decisions in the feature, so there are different versions.

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Infernal Possession (Evil Dead, 2013)

Twenty years after the last episode of Infernal Possession, the original trilogy was kept alive and its popularity as cult cinema grew, leading to the arrival of this remake. For the first time, Sam Raimi would not be in front of management and Bruce Campbell It would not be the protagonist, even if the two are part as producers. Fede Alvarez confirms himself as a director and meets the expectations of the fans, in absolute respect for the iconography of evil Dead and a commitment to bolstering the terror and gore of the saga. While that’s true, this film functions as both a remake and a sequel, indeed, the idea of ​​crossover protagonists from both films was toyed with.

Infernal Possession Remake

Ash vs Evil Dead (Series, 2015-2018)

Two years later, the sequel to the original trilogy has finally arrived, but in series form. Ash vs Evil Dead continues directly after the events of the “new ending” of army of darkness. Bruce Campbell returned to play Ash again and the story is based on the screenplay of evil death 4 it never happened. Ash has spent the past 30 years battling memories for the Necronomicon, he hasn’t matured over time and one night he summons the demons again to battle with his old chainsaw. This time, he will not fight alone and will be accompanied by Pablo and Kelly, his collaborators. The series lasts for three seasons and has a closed ending.

Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series

Infernal Possession: Awakening (2023)

Finally, this year the saga of Infernal Possession will present its fifth installment. It’s not a sequel to the 2013 remake, but it doesn’t bring back the protagonists of the original trilogy either. Of course, he lives in the same universe and drinks from the same mythology. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell return to produce this new feature film evil Dead. This tape will also leave the cabin and change scenery, it tells the story of two separated sisters who find themselves in a terrible circumstance. The demons that possess flesh have resurfaced and they are forced to fight for their survival while facing a truly creepy and terrifying version of their family.

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