Infernal Possession: Awakening release date and trailer

Infernal Possession: Awakening release date and trailer

The fifth installment of the iconic horror saga directed by Sam Raimi is about to be released

Sam Raimi began to make a name for himself as a director with the trilogy of Infernal Possession (evil Dead), trained by Infernal Possession (nineteen eighty one), terribly dead (1987), y army of darkness (1992). The original movie got a remake in 2013, with Sam Raimi in the production but leaving the director’s chair to Fede Alvarez. It was two years later that the fourth installment of this iconic horror saga really arrived, but its return was not on the big screen, but on TV. Series Ash vs Evil Dead had the return of Ash, the mythical protagonist of the franchise played by Bruce Campbell. Now, the fifth installment of the saga is about to be released. Do you want to know what is the release date of Infernal Possession: Awakening? Keep reading the article.

When does Infernal Possession: The Awakening premiere in Spain?

  • Infernal Possession: Awakening will be released in Spain on Friday, April 21, 2023.
  • The movie will have theatrical release before reaching a streaming platform.
  • He received R-rated For “strong bloody horror violence, language and gore”.
  • is the fifth installment of the saga but is based on the universe of first trilogy.

Trailer and synopsis for Infernal Possession: Awakening

The fifth part of the saga will be disconnected from its protagonists and will leave the famous hut of the original film to change scenery. The film tells the story of two estranged sisters who find themselves in a terrible circumstance. Demons possessing flesh have resurfaced and they are forced to fight for their survival as they come up against a truly spooky and terrifying version of their family. It’s a direct sequel to the original Evil Dead trilogy, although from what we see in the trailer it seems to be more terror-focused and more like the sequel than the comedic look than the movies. of Sam Raimi had with Bruce Campbell.

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