Only in the United States, Easter eggs containing condoms Source: Wikimedia Alberth Herring

Thursday April 14the A father dressed as an Easter bunny began handing out Easter eggs to schoolchildren containing unopened condoms, in a unique case in the United States.

According to a Fox 7 report, the father arrived at Gullett Elementary School in Austin, Texas and began passing out the eggs. Some were said to contain candy, while others contained unopened condoms.

The school, which had not agreed to the parents being on the grounds, asked them to leave, which they did. However, they continued to distribute the eggs to those who arrived at the school.

Principal Tammy Thompson wrote to parents acknowledging the “inappropriate nature of the parent activity” and stressed that the event was neither planned nor endorsed by the school. She then added that she along with the school district board would review safety protocols.

Local police have been made aware of the incident and are currently investigating, however at this time there have been no arrests or information on who the father was and why they were handing out Easter eggs containing condoms.

Gullett School, according to its website, serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Known for its high academic standards and outstanding faculty, the school’s unique community offers students opportunities to learn about animals, gardening, sustainability, and philanthropy. Strong parent and community involvement and support enhance the quality of education at this welcoming neighborhood school.

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