Curious to learn more about the Scratcher Millionaire Bucks ticket, Bucur arrived at a Chevron gas station in Irvine and, acting as a reporter, interviewed the clerk about the Millionaire Bucks Scratch-Off.

“I wanted to know when the last winning ticket was sold and where it was in the pile,” Bucur said.

When he found out that someone had won $500 on the fifth ticket in the pile, he vowed to buy the fifth ticket in the pile of Millionaire Bucks tickets every time he went to that Chevron.

Bucus started buying the ticket more frequently, and one evening after dinner with his family, he went to the gas station and the fifth ticket in the pile was available. I buy it.

Already at home with his family, he started scratching the first two rows, but nothing came of it, but halfway through the third row he saw the miracle. His perseverance had made him the owner of $5 million.

And what does the new millionaire intend to do?

“I am not a spendthrift. I’m going to travel a bit and put that money to work,” he said.

The Chevron gas station located at 5425 Alton Parkway in Irvine will receive $25,000 for the sale of the winning ticket.

On the other hand, José Sánchez won $1 million with the Scratchers Power 10 ticket. This ticket was sold at Shahkot Gas & Market, located at 1727 East Dyer Road in Santa Ana, Orange County .

Bucur and Sánchez now join the list of 36 new millionaires so far in 2023.

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