Cristhofer Mora appeared in court again accused of fraud and fraud, this time the owner of Credit Flash FinanciaL LLC, which between 2019 and 2022 gave him several vehicles on consignment for sale at his dealership Realeza Motors, located in 5600 del East and 8th Avenue in Hialeah, where the police operation took place yesterday

Eddie Rodríguez, spokesman for the Hialeah police, said: “We arrested Cristhofer Mora, a 24 year old man, for fraud, this company gave him the cars and did not pay the company and he faces on charges of grand fraud”.

At the end of March this year, Mora was arrested along with a partner for allegedly stealing the identity of a 73-year-old woman to register and finance three vehicles in her name, leaving her in financial ruin.

“As you know he was arrested against an elderly lady in this case, there are 7 cars he never paid for, they are scattered all over the country and the company is not only after his money but also cars.

According to the police report in this case, Mora had signed an agreement with the owner of the vehicles to sell these cars through his dealership; among which: a Mercedes Benz, a Nissan Altima among others and after marketing them, Mora would receive a commission, however, the cars began to be lost and the titles transferred fraudulently.

“In this case, we know that the fraud against the company, the part of the investigation with the title change, was committed by the vehicle department.”

The man is now behind bars and could be released on bail at any time, his defense attorney told us that “This case involves allegations dating back to 2020 that are currently being litigated in civil court.”

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