It is usual that netflix release a few original films every week, with the attendant danger of film saturation. At the moment there are proposals for all tastes, being theft of thieves one of the last to land on the quay streaming. I think if you like the cinema of thieves and kidnappings, located in a place as narrow as an airplane at 12,000 meters above sea levelthis movie can be loved a lot.

Flight of Thieves synopsis, cast and trailer

Get ready, because the synopsis of theft of thieves Nothing could be simpler: a flight attendant and her boyfriend decide to steal a shipment of diamonds to save an old debt that haunts them. However, their plan sometimes gets complicated when the plane they are traveling in with the passengers is hijacked.

Yami Gautam, Sunny Kaushal, Sharad Kelkar, Farooq Azam there Priyanka Karunakaran are the main actors and actresses who are part of the cast of theft of thievesan Indian film directed by Ajay Sing.

Is it worth watching Flight of Thieves on Netflix?

Before giving you my impressions, since I saw theft of thieves last night to fall asleep, I want to collect some of the reviews from the specialized media. For example, Stable cut ready make sure that “is an intense 40,000 foot heist film that puts a couple in a tight spot. It’s funny. A lot“. Perhaps less benevolent is decision makerwhose critic asserts that the chemistry works, but some parts don’t fit at all.

As for my opinion, I quite agree with the two media cited: as a film of kidnapping and theft, it fulfills its objective, which is none other than entertain us and treat us to shocking action sequences. Now I think some sections go on forever, fruit lasting around 110 minutes. However, I believe that the key to the success of Flight of Thieves is the ability to generate suspense and encourage the viewer to continue enjoying a proposal that has more Hollywood than Bollywood.

Flight of Thieves sweeps Netflix Spain

I don’t know the official reason why netflix produces so many movies and series in countries like India or South Africa (I imagine by lowering the costs), but if the usual result is similar to that of theft of thievesI am satisfied.

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