Ibai has already tested Kick: “It’s the same as Twitch, only in green”

Ibai has already tested Kick: “It’s the same as Twitch, only in green”

Streamer gives his thoughts on new platform that could rival Amazon’s purple giant

Ibai became on his own merits one of the most popular streamers from Twitch. The streamer has left his skin on the purple platform almost since he started streaming live content there. For a few years he hasn’t stopped: chatting with luxury guests from different fields outside of streaming to organize their own events like Reality Shows.

However, Ibai has been flirting with the idea of ​​switching to Kick for a while now. While it’s true that he said that in his day he was unlikely to leave Twitch for the latter, he said he was curious about the former and at some point he would try it. Well, the time has come: Ibai has already tested Kick and commented on his opinion on it. But before going there, I will briefly explain what this platform consists of for those who do not know it yet:

What is the kick? The platform explained in 3 keys

  • Cut it’s a new platform streaming who wants to stand up to Twitch
  • One of its measures is to offer a 95-5 profit sharing. Or: 95% for the streamer and 5% for the platform; much higher value to the content creator than what Twitch offers
  • Besides, streamers get 100% of the donations they receive

Ibai thinks Kick is a plagiarism of Twitch

  • The streamer commented in one of his last Twitch broadcasts that had tested the kick
  • He comments that he thinks it’s the same as Twitch, only green
  • On the other hand, he assures that Kick is much less well and that does not have enough capacity to support a large audience such as, for example, the ones Ibai would have at the next Party of the Year
  • Then I leave you with the clip that included the account thegrefgmomentos on TikTok so you can see exactly what he’s saying

What do you think of Kick? Do you think at some point it will rival Twitch? I read you in the comments.

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