Just over a month after the release of Bellodrama, Ana Mena has not stopped working. Your participation in Los40 Primavera POP 2023four record signings and the start of the Bellodrama Tour (sold out in La Coruña and Barcelona) marked the last weeks of the malagueña.

A breathtaking calendar in which the artist has found a place to spend a few days in his native Estepona, but also others to continue working: Last week, she uploaded a photo to social media where she was seen working in the dressing room for her upcoming music video (for the moment unknown) and just a few hours ago he again ignited the networks by announcing that his next hit in Italian for the summer is closer than ever.

She did it through a few Instagram Stories in which our favorite Italian-Malaganese woman reclaimed her Italian to address the fans who have given her so much love over the past five years. Within two minutes, Ana Mena had several news for her followers.

After apologizing for not posting a story in Italian in a long time (she’s been very busy with everything surrounding the release of her second album and tour rehearsals), Ana Mena announced that the music was coming. very strong in Italian. his collaboration with Paola and Chiara, with whom he worked on his album For all time con Long Live Love!which will be released with the album on May 12.

Beyond this collaboration, a new song for the summer in this language is fast approaching. A theme that emerged from a few composition sessions during his last visit to Milan in February. A total hit which he hopes to be able to give news very soon, it will be necessary to be very attentive to his social networks in the coming days.

Moreover, just before the release of Bellodrama we could see her in the studio with Abraham Mateo working on the Italian version of I want to tell you, which last year became a staple of our soundtracks. Lots of music to come and many surprises from malagueña just around the corner. 2023, of course, is his year.

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