A different day of the week and a different game plan, what do you think? It’s a fantastic idea

Doesn’t it happen that every day you have some free time, you want to spend it in front of the console? There are times when I can’t wait to get home and fire up my PlayStation 5 to continue with some of the games that are currently coming my way. Of course, this may seem curious to you, but I am one of those who, depending on the day, play one thing or another.

And speaking of video games and days of the week, the brilliant idea of ​​assigning a title to each of them came to me. Although, more specifically, I’m going to give you an offer that’s currently active in the PS Store via ‘Spring Sales’. These will be awarded via an interactive test and each of them will be part of a different day. Which game will be your favorite day of the week?

These are the deals I recommend from the PS Store

  • This test will be consisting of a total of 7 offers, each assigned to a different day of the week.
  • If that sounds like a good game plan, You can access these offers via the link that will accompany each image.
  • Each of the offers will be Available only while the promotion is active.
  • there are so many games for PlayStation 4 as for PlayStation 5.
  • The offers that I will recommend, can be purchased until next April 27, 2023.

Do you want to discover them? Well come on, now it’s your turn

What did you think of the weekly game plan? The truth is that it is varied and entertaining enough that some of the recommended games will surely catch your eye and you will have gone running to take advantage of the discounted price it is at. If so, I can only tell you to enjoy it.

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