Special Gohan and Future Trunks It is one of the most emblematic in the entire history of “dragonball“, and personally, I have to say that I have one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise in said Gohan. Without the story of these two characters, the reality is that “Dragon Ball” would have ended in the arc of the androids, with absolutely all the Z-Fighters who lost their lives, therefore, it is really very striking that Dragon Ball Heroes left us with a truly special reunion.

Future Gohan and Trunks fight together for the first time.

This is how in the most recent episode of the promotional anime we could see how Future Gohan and Trunks met for the first time since the former’s death. This is how events unfolded (via DBHypeName):

Striking things of the moment that I want to highlight:

  • First of all I have to say that Future Gohan’s Black Outfit Isn’t One I Like Too Much. I think he’s too deadpan and having him wear Goku’s colors in the future gave him a “something” special.
  • The moment is quite TOP because on this occasion Trunks refuses to be the protege once again.. After all, at this point, Future Trunks is a much more powerful warrior than Future Gohan, so It makes sense that they can fight side by side..
  • As with all things Dragon Ball Heroes, Keep in mind this moment is not canon. For those unfamiliar, this is an anime created ONLY to promote the arcade game that can be found in Japan, so in no way should the events, transformations or characters be taken as real in the anime. universe of Toriyama.

As some of you know, I’m not a big “Dragon Ball Heroes” fan, but I’ll absolutely go for anything that makes Future Gohan shine. Yes, today his power may be equivalent to a Krillin on Namek, but that doesn’t mean that, with Majin Vegeta, make one of the two sacrifices I love the most “Dragon Ball”. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if one day a timeline was explored in which Future Gohan reaches SS2 and manages to be his timeline’s true protector.

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