In less than 45 days in Florida they will vote to elect their governor and the current president, Ron DeSantis, who is also running for president in 2024, will seek re-election against Charlie Crist former Republican and former governor of the entity.

DeSantis has garnered the nation’s attention as governor of Florida, calling him the “freest state in America” for its regulations COVID-19 points out the NewsNation site.

And it is that, while other states closed during the pandemic, Florida remained open at least during part of it.

DeSantis decision backfired among some voters especially for small business owners.

Florida business owner Steve Bradley spoke to NewsNation about it: “The only person I can give 100% credit to is my friend, the one and only Ron DeSantis. I will be honest. That guy kept all my friends’ small businesses here open and if he wasn’t governor there would definitely be a higher percentage that I wouldn’t be here, no question about it.”

The man added that his business would have disappeared if he were not in Florida.

The impact of the Republican governor’s decision not to close in a pandemic, pushed its approval among his base and the independents, and helped further influence Hispanic voters.

In addition, it caused many people from states like New York and California to head to Florida.

Despite all the support that the Republican governor was able to garner with this pandemic measure, many voters probably they will not agree with other policies you have put in place.

In particular, the recent and controversial sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, that could make him lose part of the support towards the race to remain at the head of the governorship. On November 8 we will see what weighs more for voters.

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