the streaming platform HBO Max it is the house of Warner Bros. and the chain HBO. For many years, HBO It has been the reference house for quality series. titles like the sopranos, Thread oh Game Of Thrones They are considered one of the best series in history. Furthermore, the study Warner Bros. is responsible for some of the great cinema sagas such as Harry Potter (and its new series) or the films of CC. Today we live in the era of streaming, there are currently many platforms with which to enjoy a huge catalog of movies and series, but it can be difficult to have them all. It is therefore important to know how to pay less for the same content. If you want to know how to save on your HBO Max subscription in April 2023Please continue reading this article.

How much does the HBO Max monthly subscription cost?

  • the streaming platform HBO Max have a plan monthly subscription of 8.99 euros.
  • This subscription has no type of commitment nor permanence.
  • The subscription automatic renewal each month.
  • You can cancel it whenever you want, you will enjoy the current month and I don’t know will charge the next monthly installment.

Tips for saving on your HBO Max subscription

Tip 1: Sign up for the annual plan

This trick may be the simplest at first glance. The platform HBO Max offers an annual plan in addition to their monthly subscription. With this subscription plan, you will pay 69.99 euros for one year of HBO Max, save 35% on every monthly payment.

  • You will have a quota of €5.83 per month if you prepay the 12-month subscription.

Tip 2: Share your HBO Max account

All subscriptions to HBO Max They have the possibility to create up to 5 profiles, whether they are children or adults. Each profile allows you to keep your own track of the content you’ve seen and save what you want to see in your personalized list. HBO Max allows 3 devices to play different content at the same time.

  • You can divide the expenses between the 3 people that you can watch content at the same time and thus save on subscription in HBO Max.
Devices compatible with HBO Max.

Tip 3: Pay for HBO Max only when you need it

It’s possible that you don’t want to stream HBO Max and want to watch a specific movie or series. If you’re that type of viewer, you don’t need to pay the monthly subscription every month, let alone subscribe long-term with an annual payment. SO, Choose the release month of your favorite movie or series and pay only for the time you need.

Enjoy HBO Max wherever you are.

Tip 4: Is HBO Max included with your phone or internet carrier?

As of today Vodafone is the only phone and internet company that includes HBO Max in their prices. The streaming platform is included in the packs series lover there fans of the seriesby paying an additional price to the Internet, telephone and mobile tariff that you have contracted with the British company.

  • The serieslovers pack has a cost of 14 euros per month and understand HBO Max, Prime Video, AXN and more.
  • The Series Fan Pack has a cost of 10 euros per month and understand HBO Max, Fox Now and AXN Now.

These four tips will help you save on your subscription to HBO Max. If you are already subscribed to the streaming platform and have taken advantage of the 50% offKeep in mind that this price could go up even though the offer is for life, so keep these tips in mind.

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