For those of you who don’t know, Tony Hawk’s video game franchise has been incredibly successful, even since its first release in 1999, and has had many deliveries over the years. Though he doesn’t have as much of a presence as he once didin the mid-2000s was undoubtedly one of the most important and influential titles.

Tony Hawk cashed a check for $4 million for image rights to his games

  • Tony Hawk, the famous American skateboarder and businessman, was surprised to receive a check beyond his expectations after the release of the fourth game in his video game franchise. As he himself said in a podcast, stayed for lunch at one of the producers of the saga after the success of this release.
  • During the meal, the producer told him that the game had succeeded much more than they expected and that therefore the check they would give him would be larger than they had originally agreed.
  • The skater confessed that he expected to receive a million dollars, an amount that already seemed impressive to him. But when he was handed the check, his jaw dropped: it was $4 million.
  • Hawk says that check changed his life, but not only because of the amount of money he received, but also because it was a recognition of his work and his contribution to the world of video games.
  • Additionally, the skater was in good spirits about it and can be heard on the podcast joking that he would pay for dinner after this pleasant surprise.

Tony Hawk was undoubtedly a key figure in popularizing skateboarding around the world. and managed to become a cultural icon thanks to his unique style. What Tony Hawk game have you played? I was more than Underground 2 for the PS2but I also put a few hours into the saga Professional skater.

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