Taking into account that League of Legends has become one of the most successful franchises in the video game world and, above all, that it has been one of the biggest giants in the industry for years, you would think that sooner or later it will have to recover its Saint Martin. It is impossible for a title to stay on the rise in popularity for so long without there being the slightest accident on the road… Right?

Well, it doesn’t seem. Or not that much, at least, if we look at the number of players that LoL has managed to gather around it this same year 2023. And, as always it is interesting to make a comparison with this type of game As for where they were last year, that’s precisely what we’re going to do here with Riot Games’ MOBA. I leave you with all the information below.

How popular is LoL in 2023?

  • The data in question was collected from the database known as active player
  • In this you can see that right now there are 1,334,811 people playing as of this writing
  • In the past 30 days, over 150 million people have logged into the game
  • On the other hand, in recent days over 116 million hours of gaming content have been viewed on the Twitch platform
  • The maximum peak Twitch viewership over the past 30 days for the game was 621,379.
  • What is certain is that there is almost no difference Compared to last year’s figures, so we can say that LoL is still going strong

Algún día tender que darle una cuarta oportunidad al MOBA de Riot Games, pero no os quiero engañar: me da miedo engancharme a él, tal y como ha ocurrido en su día con otros amigos cercanos que le daban caña hasta altas horas de la mañana todos Weekends. Anyway, you and you… What are you telling me? Do you still play it?

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