The eleventh edition of Chef is about to begin. Tonight, from 10 p.m., the most culinary show ever returns to 1 on RTVE, the doors of the large kitchen open to receive more than 60 candidates ready to fight for the white apron, however, over 70,000 home cooks have signed up.

Although Pepe Rodríguez has already warned that this casting has been “nonsense” due to the thousands and thousands of people who have shown up, now is the time to learn all the changes that Chef that the program has included in this XL edition.

The mechanics of the show

Accustomed to programs Chef infinities in which three tests have been carried out; interior, exterior and disposal, in this new edition will be published two weekly programs with only two tests.

On the one hand, in the First delivery every week there will be two challenges on the board and one of them elimination and in the second broadcast The outside test and another elimination test will be carried out. Thus, the candidates must give 100% in each challenge because two candidates will be the ones to say goodbye to this experience each week.

Samantha Vallejo, Pepe Rodriguez and Jordi Cruz / RTVE

To select which candidates are the best to face this new edition, the casting team redoubled their efforts. Thus, for the first time, a 19-year-old culinary student, a former participant in Junior Master Chef He will return to the kitchens. An air traffic controller from Cadiz, a Venezuelan Dominican priest, a young creator on TikTok will also participate, and a judge passionate about Harley-Davidson will try her luck, among others, who will seek to revolutionize the format.

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MasterChef kitchens. / A 1 RTE

The winner of the eleventh edition will win a metal prize of 100.00 euros, the program trophy and the possibility of publishing your own cookbook. Likewise, the three candidates who manage to climb the podium will be rewarded by the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastián.

new kitchens in Master Chef 11

But the most impressive will be the facelift they have done to the ‘MasterChef’ studio where they have settled two dishes for this edition. In the first is where it stands the supermarket, the living room and the kitchenswhich are extended to more than 600 square meters and more stoves for 30 people have been installed in the kitchens, as the largest number of candidates can compete at the same time.

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Chef. / A 1 RTE

The second series will include new restaurant and multipurpose space with a walk of fame with photos of all the winners where proofs will be presented. In this place there will also be impressive scenes such as an American ballroom dance, a rodeo with a mechanical bull, a fortune-telling booth and even a wedding banquet.

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‘Master Chief 11’ / A 1 RTE

What trials will they face?

It is not new to know that the candidates they will have to face different tests where they will enhance their techniques. Among those of which we have been able to become acquainted in this edition are the preparation of a gourmet delivery, get by with ancestral conversation techniques, take part in the calf race or the honey battle. Likewise, they will also have to face international dishes, prepare sandwiches without bread and even make a cacao tree with only chocolate.

The kitchens will once again tour Spain in search of some of the most spectacular places and the best products of their land. Some of the stops in this new edition will be the Cathedral of Toledo, the depths of the Oceanogràfic in Valencia, a residence for the elderly, Cuenca, chosen as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2023, the last show of the Circus of Horrors and the Andorran Tracks from Grau Roig station.

The guest stars of this edition

Finally, the kitchens of Master Chef 11 They will also welcome international artists like Miguel Bosé or well-known personalities like Toñi Moreno. Renowned chefs, friends of the program as well as winners from other editions will also visit TVE’s La 1 dish.

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