The famous Cuban baseball player José Canseco revealed in a documentary for the YouTube channel Vlad TV how he lost all his money within a few years of retiring from baseball.

The Cuban player became a two-time World Series champion, MVP and even became the highest paid baseball player in the entire MLB.

The player came to amass a fortune of 55 million dollars during his career as a professional player in the Major Leagues, but in the same way he was able to lose everything to the point of ending up sleeping in a garage within a few years of retiring from baseball.

The famous explained that he was involved in a legal problem for having had a fight in a bar. He subsequently faced a divorce and a trial for the custody of his daughter. All this without mentioning a series of fines and a few months in prison that left him with only $ 20 in his pocket.

Canseco and his family left Cuba when they were children. They relocated to the United States, where José and his brother Ozzie grew up in the Miami, Florida area, attending Miami Coral Park High School. Canseco did not attend college, having been selected in the 15th round by the Oakland Athletics in 1982.

He received a lot of respect for his at-bat power on minor league teams such as the Idaho Falls A’s, Idaho Falls, Idaho, and the Modesto A’s. from Modesto, California, since it was common for him to hit home runs of more than 500 feet.

Canseco began the 1985 season with the AA team, the Huntsville Stars, and became known as “José’s Parking Lot,” for his long home runs (25 in just half a season), which nearly made it to one of the Joe Davis Stadium parking areas.

This is how José Canseco came out of bankruptcy!

The Cuban player did not know how to get out of the financial hole he was in after losing millions of dollars.

It was then that he decided to take advantage of his fame and recognition to make different television programs that helped him generate some money. His book, “Juiced”, continues to generate the odd income and also debuted as a “boxer.”

Currently José Canseco assures that he lives “well” and no longer has so many legal problems, but he is very far from having the millions that he once had in his bank account again.

Without a doubt, the Cuban is an example of how bad decisions can end your life, but it is also a sign that, with courage, discipline and dedication, the worst situations can be overcome.

José Canseco became, without a doubt, an iconic figure within the MLB for everything he represented for major league baseball, but above all for the controversy in which he was always involved.

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