Queen Letizia today unveiled a white design by Inés Domecq

Today, Kings Felipe VI and Letizia have inaugurated the Fitur 2021 International Tourism Fair. On this occasion the Queen has bequeathed a very elegant white jumpsuit with ruffles at the top. It is a design by Inés Domecq, belonging to her first fashion collection.

But who is Inés Domecq? The Marchioness of Almenara is 39 years old and is directly related to the House of Alba since she is married to Javier Martínez de Irujo, with whom she married in 2008. The couple have two children in common, Sol, 10 years old, and Alfonso, from eight.

Their wedding was one of the social events of that year and aroused much expectation, because Javier was the first grandson of the Duchess of Alba to pass through the altar.

The wedding was held in Jerez, in the Church of Santo Domingo and the bride, one of the most elegant women in the country, chose a square neckline design by Manuel Mota for Pronovias and a light silk tulle veil held by a headdress of flowers and leaves and a bouquet of bush branches.

After the ceremony, a dinner was held at the Martelilla Santa Isabel farmhouse.

Inés has a degree in Marketing from the CIS in Madrid and began her professional career at the Condé Nast publishing house organizing events. Later, she launched into the world of fashion with the agency The Editors Fashio Company, together with her friend Laura Vecino, wife of Rafael Medina, Duque de Feria.

She is the daughter of Huberto Domecq Ybarra and María Jesús Fernández Govantes. Her passion has been fashion since she was young and her style never goes unnoticed. Roberto Diz considers her “my muse”.

She likes to mix low cost garments with luxury brands in her styling. She also loves the decoration and the realization of pieces with wood or metal.

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