Honkai: Star Rail will offer 80 free rides at launch and other benefits for pre-registration

Honkai: Star Rail will offer 80 free rides at launch and other benefits for pre-registration

Today was a big day for fans of HoYover, the creative studio of Genshin Impact. And it is that although it is not their first game, they have gained a lot of popularity thanks to it, so many people were looking forward to it. new projects in which they have been involved. one was Zenless Zone Zero, a game with a very characteristic style that looks huge. But now it’s time to talk about Honkai: Star Rail, who is today’s protagonist, well revealed its release date and its arrival on PS4/PS5:

But it is that in addition to its release date, it is also practical to know the free things that can be obtained to start the game in the best way. It’s something that the creators of Honkai: Star Rail. Because yes, even if the game is completely free, they will offer small things to players who play version 1.0, in addition to those who pre-registration. Look at!

Gifts from Honkai: Star Rail

You will find all the information in his official Twitter account, In addition to its own website. Let’s talk about first the 80 free spins:

free prints

Thanks to events and some progress in version 1.0 of Honkai: Star Rail, players can get 80 shots of gachapon totally free. What character will the 1.0 banners be for? Remember that they will not give them automatically, they it has to go through missions and events from version 1.0.

Rewards for pre-registration

Also, if you pre-register, you put a grain of sand to get more rewards, which, yes, will go to all players completely free of charge. AND… the fact is that the maximum reward has already been reached, which was because 5 million pre-registrations. Social media followers also matter. The rewards are as follows:

  • 50,000 credits
  • 3 star rail passes
  • “Welcome, Pathfinder” avatar frame
  • Serval, 4-star character (lightning)
  • 15 Star Rail Passes
  • For every 2.5 million social media followers, 2 Star Rails Passes and 50,000 credits

That’s all! If they announce more, like codes to get spins, I’ll let you know right away. will you play Honkai: Stellar Rail next April 26?

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