Xbox exclusive wins GDC award after Microsoft’s metacritical disqualification

Xbox exclusive wins GDC award after Microsoft’s metacritical disqualification

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Yesterday we broke the unfortunate news that review aggregator Metacritic has decided that Xbox Game Studios “didn’t qualify” for its annual publisher rankings because it released less than five titles in 2022. However, the one of the four rated games that released seems to fit well with GDC. crew.

The Game Developer’s Conference revealed that Obsidian’s Pentiment won “Best Narrative” at GDC 2023, beating Sony god of war ragnarok in that particular department.

We’re glad to see 2022’s Obsidian Murder Mystery getting some recognition to be honest – we rated it 9/10 in our Pure Xbox review thanks in part to its “wonderful narrative” which kept us enthralled throughout. long.

It was never going to be a mainstream hit, but Pentiment felt ideal for Xbox Game Pass and delivered a great story to boot. Let’s hope 2023 is a stronger year for Xbox Game Studios overall!

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Have you played Pentimento? Does GDC deserve this award? Let us know your thoughts on the title.

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