Honkai: Star Rail confirms it will be released on April 26 on PC and mobile, in addition to PS4 and PS5

Honkai: Star Rail confirms it will be released on April 26 on PC and mobile, in addition to PS4 and PS5

If you are big fans of Genshin Impact, then you will automatically have become very fond of HoYover, your development studio. well, however Genshin It was not his first match, since his great success, they confirmed the development of several new titles, being perhaps the most important Zone Zero Zenless (known as ZZZ) there Honkai: Star Rail, sequel to the series of Honkai Impact 3rd but that has nothing to do with it

For those who don’t know what it is Honkai: Star Rail, It’s a title that was announced in October 2021 and not much else was known about throughout 2022 except for a trailer. In February there was a closed beta and, as I told you yesterday, there was a show this morning where they revealed what other players were eager to know: its release date. But there is also other good news.

Honkai: Star Rail release date

Through the program that took place this morning and some posts on your official account Twitter, revealed the following regarding the release date:

  • Honkai: Stellar Rail will finally hit the market next April 26
  • However, it should be mentioned that this day will only come on mobile and PC
  • The game, which is an RPG, “The game combines fantasy elements with myths and legends
    that are embedded in the story of space science fiction. In addition, it has a system of
    Intuitive turn-based combat, large maps with maze explorations, problem solving,
    immersive puzzles and scenarios that together form an interstellar melody full of
    surprises and enriching experiences that resonate throughout the universe,”
    ensure to HoYover
  • I leave you some pictures below:

It will also come to PlayStation

Something that was unknown and was announced today is that a version of Honkai: Star Rail is in development for PS4 and PS5, it will therefore have the same versions as Genshin Impact. For now, the release date of this version is unknown.

Version 1.0 banners

They also revealed the first two banners of Honkai: Star Rail. These are divided into two phases, as the versions of Genshin Impact:

  • Phase I: “Soul (Quantum)”
  • Stage II: “Jing Yuan (Lightning)”

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