As we go through this historic flood, we know that many homes have been affected by the floods. And unfortunately, not all of them will be covered by insurance. It really depends on the type of insurance you have.

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The images that have reached us in the newsroom are truly devastating. Many homeowners have struggled with water entering their homes. Once the water subsides, cleanup and rebuilding efforts will begin, but damage from this type of seepage is usually not covered by property insurance.

Dulce Suárez-Resnick, agent for Acentria Insurance Miami, says, “You need a flood policy that covers flooding caused by water entering the house from outside and any type of water. In this case, it is rain or so much rain that the rain has accumulated and entered the house.

If you have flood insurance, you should call your insurer and let them know what happened. They recommend taking photos of where the water has entered and any damage you have sustained. Additionally, they say it’s important to prevent further damage such as future mold problems.

“Now in the house they have to, if they can’t dry it themselves, hire a water restoration company who can come and dry the house, remove the water, dry it with the dehumidifiers, everything this is so that the house is dry, so that you are not going to have a mold problem, because then things get complicated when you have mold damage,” explains dulce Suárez-Resnick.

We checked with the Insurance Information Institute this morning – and they tell us that 72% of Broward County homeowners have a flood policy. It’s one of the highest numbers in Florida, which is good news.

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