Hollywood High School has received recognition from the Association of Magnet Schools of America for merit in academic excellence, innovation, and commitment to education.

The school was one of 39 institutions in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to receive this honor.

With this award, LAUSD breaks the record in this category, being recognized for its more than 330 magnetic programs, which provide academic options to more than 85,000 students at different levels of education.

The program was created to provide students with the opportunity to specialize with the skills needed in the film and television market.

“We have four specialized academic programs: the Media School, the Performing Arts Specialized School, the Learning Academy, and the School of Advanced Study,” said Samuel Dovlatian, principal of Hollywood High School.

According to education officials, these programs are successful because of the excellent work of teachers.

One such teacher, Brett Erskine, notes that he tries to create a professional environment, much like a movie set. Each student is assigned a role to play, similar to a real work environment.

This magnetic program at Hollywood High School offers students the opportunity to build professional relationships before graduating.

“Thanks to them, I have links with people who make films, who make storyboards,” explains Natalia Soto, one of the students in the program.

This is the goal of these schools: to give them the tools they need to have a bright future.

The Colombian-inspired film Encanto was a hit in theaters and on digital platforms. We spoke with Colombian actress Carolina Gaitán, who brings the character of Pepa Madrigal to life

“I would love to do a movie like Encanto,” Soto says. “I would like to represent my Colombian culture in the future. And not only that, (that) me being a woman to tell my own story and use my voice.”

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