It’s been over a month since what is likely the best-selling game of 2023 was released, perhaps only surpassed by FIFA 24 or another. Of course I’m talking about Hogwarts Legacy, a game that Harry Potter fans and non-fans alike have fallen in love with, though many think it’s an overrated video game. Well, I won’t be the one to get into this debate now (yet), but a curious fact has come to light.

as you know it, Hogwarts Legacy it has been played and is played by many people who they hardly ever play video games since they are fans of Harry Potter but not of the world of video games. This raises the question of if they’re really going to spend it because it requires some skill, or if they finally left the way halfway. It’s normal to think that they’ve finished it since it’s played by really fanatic players, but the reality is what I bring to you today.

How many have succeeded in Hogwarts Legacy?

They were companions of Rant Game those who echoed this data. It is important to mention that It’s only Steam drive data, Therefore, the data for PS5 and Xbox Series players is unknown, although they are most likely around the same numbers.

  • Actually most players did not beat the game
  • Only 25% of Steam players have completed the title
  • It’s unclear when most players quit the game, but it shows that many quit playing when they have yet to experience all that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer

Why are they leaving Hogwarts Legacy?

This could be a good discussion, since maybe it’s because of the bad history he has compared not only to other games, but to the Harry Potter universe itself. It’s great fun to play, but can easily get repetitive due to the large amount of collectibles to collect.

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