In this guide I will tell you step by step how to complete the side mission “Echar and Selwyn” of Hogwarts Legacy. This mission involves a lot of combat, something that surely won’t be a problem for you. You might even have completed the quest objective before talking to the person who sent it to you, depending on how much you’ve done and explored on your own. I’ll also tell you what rewards you’ll get for completing it, as well as how to start it.

“Cast Selwyn Out” Side Quest Guide

how does it start

To start it, you have to go to the village of Cragcroft, which is located in the Cragcroftshire region. There will be a woman named Hyacinth Olivier, who will ask you to face a dark wizard named Selwyn.

How to complete it

Go where the map shows you and face all the black wizards in the region, including Selwyn, who is a boss. When you beat him, all you have to do is go back to Madame Olivier and inform her that you’ve finished him off. Once done, you will receive your reward.

mission rewards

  • you will receive Ashwinders Skull Gloves

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