NEW YORK – Governor Kathy Hochul announced a new initiative on Wednesday that will double the purchasing power of SNAP recipients at New York State farmers markets. .

The program Fresh Connect Fresh2You will now provide eligible New Yorkers with dollar-for-dollar matching, allowing families in need to purchase healthier foods, including fresh produce, dairy and meat.

This new initiative will help offset the recent reduction in SNAP benefits that were part of pandemic relief efforts, as well as record inflation costs, provide increased income for New York farmers and boost local food supply. while eliminating food shortages, which are among the goals outlined in the Governor’s Executive Budget Proposal and State of the State Address.

“New York has taken important steps to develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships between local farmers and the communities they serve,” Governor Hochul said. “The new Fresh2You initiative will help ensure New Yorkers have more money to spend on healthy foods like dairy, meat, fresh produce and more, while creating better health outcomes, a economic boost for New York farmers and a stronger food supply chain.

“This week, we’re launching Fresh2You, a new initiative to help families in need access more high-quality, New York-grown produce at our farmers’ markets. Better access to healthy food, an economic boost for New York farmers and a stronger food supply chain – it’s a win-win!”

initiative Fresh Connect Fresh2You will now provide SNAP recipients at participating farmers’ markets with checks for $2 for every $2 spent through the SNAP program, instead of $2 for every $5 spent.

As part of the FreshConnect Checks program, presented by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, this initiative will help expand access to fresh food in underserved communities. You can also help improve the diets of people in these communities and promote economic development by supporting local farmers.

By allowing the purchase of dairy products, meats and more, in addition to the purchase of fruits and vegetables, the program FreshConnect supports more farmers in New York State.

Any farmer or vendor selling SNAP-eligible food at a farmers market, farm stand, or mobile market operating in New York State may accept a FreshConnect and now participate in the initiative Fresh2You. Checks can be used to purchase dairy, produce, meat, fish, eggs and more.

The initiative will launch and be available to consumers on April 15. Market operators will also receive new marketing materials and training on the new initiative.

“The FreshConnect program continues to provide New Yorkers with new and innovative ways to easily access fresh, locally grown food that they can purchase with their SNAP benefits,” said the Commissioner of the Office of Temporary Help. and Disability Assistance, Daniel W. Tietz. “This will increase the purchasing power of SNAP recipients while benefiting local farmers and farmers markets across the state.”

In addition to SNAP consumers, the program FreshConnect Verifications It is also available to veterans, military members and their immediate families to use the benefits at Farmers Markets, Farm Stands and Mobile Markets in New York State. Veterans can receive $50 in coupons FreshConnect this year from the offices of the New York State Department of Veterans Services.

“The FreshConnect Fresh2You initiative will go a long way in helping consumers who have lost some of their SNAP benefits due to program cuts,” said Diane Eggert, executive director of the Farmers’ Market Federation of New York. “It gives them a huge boost to their buying power and encourages them to shop directly from farmers at the many farmers markets around the state. This gives the program a double benefit by helping people receiving benefits SNAP to embrace healthier diets rich in local foods, while increasing sales of foods grown and produced by local farmers, helping to support local agriculture We are grateful for Governor Hochul’s commitment to support local food and state farmers.

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