The director of the saga does not want Bayonetta Origins to be the end and is already thinking of other projects

Now, no one should be surprised by what I’m about to say: Bayonetta is the biggest franchise in PlatinumGames history. This Japanese developer became well known for creating true gems like Vanquish, Astral Chain, Okami, Metal Gear Rising, and NieR: Automata, but the only one that managed to become a stable saga was the Witch of Umbra.

Now that Bayonetta 3 is on the market alongside the prequel Cherry and the Lost Child (which took the IP into whole new territory), the main heads of the series are already thinking about future projects to continue exploring this fantastic world. Why not, It looks like this won’t be the end of Bayonetta.

The creator of Bayonetta wants to make a lot more installments

  • In an interview published by Famitsu (Translated by VGC), Hideki Kamiya (saga director) commented that at PlatinumGames they are already discussing their plans for the future of Bayonettaeven if have not yet been approved officially by Nintendo
  • The IP creator pointed out that he and Abebe Tinari (director of Cereza and the Lost Child) are already talking about what they would like to do next
  • And with this sentence Kamiya-sensei made sure to reassure all fans who doubted the continuity of Bayonetta: “We would like to expand the universe of the saga with a new collection of games”
  • And as if that weren’t enough, producer Makoto Okazaki said that He doesn’t think this is the end of Bayonetta; He wants to make sure to listen to players’ opinions on Cereza and the Lost Child first, and after that they’ll think about the future of the series
Kamiya wants more Bayonettas

“Different but at the height of the saga”

Regarding Bayoneta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, my colleague Claudio commented in his review that, “although it’s not an essential masterpiece, it’s a game that everyone is going to love, a lot of people to play it”.

“I recognize that it has become My favorite game in the series. Yeah, above any of the other three, I guess because I like the genre better, but for some reason, I fell in love with this gem.

If you want to know more about the game, I leave you a link to its analysis.

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