Nothing brings out a person’s personality more than a compromising situation. the hidden camera wonderful people He always manages to show us the naturalness of people, we have already seen it with Anabel Pantoja and now This was Francisco Rivera’s moment.

The bullfighter was eating in a restaurant when he overheard a conversation between two women, who they complained about the presence of a gay couple showing affection at another table. The waiter seemed to have no intention of doing anything about it and it offended the ladies. However, all the pretending actors were the show’s masterpiece, while Rivera ignored it.

As the conversation escalated, the right-handed man started shouting his words more and it made him look very annoyed with the women and the waiter. How could it be otherwise, Rivera was very critical of the attitude of the ladies who felt offended and did not hesitate to show their displeasure: “What else will it get them?”he wondered.

Fran Rivera explodes

The fake raises the tone in the discussion when the manager decides to evict the homosexual couple. without thinking twice, Fran stood up to show her anger. The venue manager pushed him over the edge and ended Fran Rivera’s patience and called her “rude”.

The discussion in the restaurant did not end there and when another of the women said that he disagreed that his grandson saw two men kissingRivera reacted with more outrage and asked the venue manager to call the police. He did, however, suggest the couple go to another bar with a vibe. What made the situation more emotional when the young people started to cry and the bullfighter consoled them with a kiss.

The interpreter who took care of the place insisted that the boys leave the establishment and the bullfighter replied that it was “abnormal”. After a loud argument with the “homophobic” actress, Rivera paid the bill and walked out with the couple. Eventually, the team showed up to tell him it was all a joke.

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