Hialeah nurse arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from bedridden and disabled patients

Hialeah nurse arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from bedridden and disabled patients

Nurse Noemí Hernández was arrested for defrauding bedridden and disabled patients while providing her home services in the city of Hialeah.

Hernández took advantage of her job at the Maxinum Home Care company to establish an alleged friendship with the victims.

The local police explained that the nurse managed to have checks signed by the patients in her possession and instead of buying them medicine and food, she was spending the money on other items or saving it for her benefit.

Hernández’s plan began to fall apart when one of the victims discovered an unauthorized spending of $ 700 through his debit card, between May 2020 and May of this year.

Hialeah nurse stole $ 17,000 from bedridden and disabled patients

Nurse Noemí Hernández arrested for stealing from her patients.

The nurse tried to bribe those affected to dismiss her claim, but was ultimately arrested for taking a total of $17,000 without permission and now faces charges of organized fraud and exploitation of the elderly.

Hernández was released on bail, but is under a strict order to be at least 500 feet away from homes, workplaces and schools that involve her victims.

A few weeks ago, a Cuban nurse identified as Alfredo Gutiérrez, 56, was arrested when it was discovered that committed lewd acts to an elderly man over 80 years old.

Security cameras captured the moment in which the nurse, a former worker for the palliative care company Opuscare, grabbed the old man’s hand to rub his genitals.

Before posting a $5,000 bond, Hernández confessed that she committed the abusive act on 5 occasions and for that reason the same number of charges were brought against her.

Said company, in addition to firing the Cuban and ensuring that there were no criminal acts in her record, said that it would cooperate with the authorities for the respective investigation and punishment.

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