Michelle Salas, eldest daughter of singer Luis Miguel, has expressed her annoyance at the treatment her character was given in the Netflix biographical series about her father.

A few days after the final episode of the second season of “Luis Miguel, the series” was released, the young woman surprised with an extensive message that she published in her stories of Instagram, in which she rates the series of “Disrespectful and unfortunate”, and accuses them of “Sexualizing her image”.

“Many know that I have never been a person who likes to clear up rumors. I have always stayed out of scandals and opinions, even if they are about me, because throughout my life I have learned that it is better for my mental health and to take care of those around me”, Michelle begins by saying.

“Since I can remember, my life has been exposed to the public eye and I have lived surrounded by comments, criticisms, comparisons and inventions, to name a few things. And yes, although I am used to it, I confess that it is something that sometimes costs me work”, added.

In her message she mentions that what she wrote is something that she has trouble expressing, since it is not a work issue, but her personal life, her family, her childhood and her intimate life.

“I have a hard time writing this and expressing it in the correct way as it is a sensitive subject for me. It is not about a work issue, it is about my personal life. First of all, it seems important to me to clarify that I did not allow the use of my image, my name and my personal life at any time. Just as they did not ask me if I agreed with my life becoming a television series and one of the main characters in its fictional interpretation”, she continues.

The daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel emphasized that she did not give consent for her image and story to be used “Much less without their consent.” “It is not fair that they use my life and my story as if they had the rights to it and also distort it at their convenience”, added.

After that, the model pointed out that she thought “Unnecessary, disrespectful and unfortunate the way the production decides to treat a woman, its daughter, to end this chapter of its story. Explicitly sexualizing her at 19 years of age and violating her privacy”.

Recall that in the last chapter of the series they talked about the love affair that Michelle Salas allegedly had with Alejandro Asensi, her father’s former representative and also her best friend.

Finally, the young woman pointed out to her followers that she dares to express her feelings “Because I think I should do it and not for me alone. No person should under any circumstances feel like this and be treated in this way. Much less without your consent. It is not fair that they use my life and my story as if they had the rights to it and also distort it at their convenience”.

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