Antonio Hens, better known as Hens He has just released his second album. I don’t hate myself that much. This album comes almost two years later Hensitohis first job and the one that exploded his popularity in just a few months.

But before that, the Segovian was already taking his first steps in music. Hens started releasing her first songs in 2018. But at that time, his work as a musician was not financially sufficient to devote himself solely to this. That’s why the singer was forced to look for another job, including as a waiter at a hotel buffet.

That’s how he said it in the podcast human animals when asked what his life was like before music. “I worked as a waiter in a hotel at the free breakfast buffet, on the weekends. During the week, I studied protocol and events and made music just because. I had a good time”he told Hens. “I was working to pay for my studies.”

your story and minethe theme that changed everything

And how did you go from that to signing a recording contract with one of the most important record labels in the country? In Segovian he confessed that He was able to start devoting himself to music thanks to social networks. Hens said he used to share a preview of the song he was going to release at that time, even though his audience was small. Until the day he did it with a song that went viral. “One day I put an advance of your story and mine and I don’t know what happened. It went viral and the topic wasn’t even finished.”he explained in the interview.

your story and mine it was the start of everything. Hens posted this song in late 2019 and it was the track that got his music noticed. He was also discovered by the Sony record company, which very quickly saw the potential he had as an artist. “I signed up when I had 30,000 monthly listeners and after six months I reached one million”told the Segovian.

lots of followers vs. success in music

Hens also reflected on the same podcast about the difference between having a large following on social media and succeeding in the music business. The singer explained that going viral has nothing to do with being successful as a singer and selling out big venues.

In addition, the man from Segovia gave the example of the group long live sweden, who without having hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, managed to fill the Wizink Center in Madrid with their last concert. That’s why Hens is clear that, in the world of music, the most important thing is not the number in the networks.

I don’t hate myself that much is the new Hens project. A most intimate album in which the singer is honest about the grief and self-love of his own experience. In addition to the festival tour through which he will present his new songs this summer, the singer will be doing his own tour. For the moment, the only known date is the next February 23, 2024 at the Wizink Center in Madrid. Don’t miss it!

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