The production aims to delve into the spooky world of Stephen King’s novel

Welcome to Derby is the title of the new series of HBO Max Set in the spooky town created by Stephen King. Following the recent merger of Warner Bros.. there Discovery the future of the series was up in the air. NOW the project has been given the green light and will begin director-led production of the It films. Below is everything we know about this intriguing production:

What story will Welcome to Derry tell?

  • This prequel will take place in 1960 and seeks to deepen what we know of the city where he lives the creepy clown Pennywise.
  • According to what the administrators said, Andy and Barbara Muschiettithey mean “an epic story that contains many things”.
  • We still don’t know exactly what they are referring to, but it is true that many elements of the original novel were not included in the tapes.
  • Among them are the facts about derry past who discovers Mike in the library and what connecting Pennywise to many of the worst tragedies of the city.

Is Welcome to Derry a guaranteed success?

Since David Zaslav leads the conglomerate of Discovery of Warner Bros. stated on several occasions that Profitability is one of your priorities. Thanks to this approach, many of the riskiest and most ambitious projects in the HBO Max. This means that if you approved Welcome to Derry, you expect it to be a smash hit.

They are most likely guided by the It and It 2 ​​shows, which grossed $700 million and $473 million, respectively. Despite this, we can say that many horror fans’ interest in this franchise is waning, something that has already been noticed with the second installment. That said, I think Andy and Barbara Muschietti they did a great job with the remakes and that this series has a lot of potential. The release date is unknown but it will probably not arrive before end of 2024 or even 2025.

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