Artificial intelligence is one of the fields of science that more debates generated in recent months for obvious reasons: getting AI advanced enough to perform certain actions has turned various sectors against its use; although it is true that there are many people who are in favor of it. Anyway, my personal opinion on this is that while it’s true that I believe the possibility of them eventually replacing some complex human tasks is something ultra-futuristic, they help us to carry out different types of experiments. And justly That’s exactly what I did using ChatGPT.

The thing is, my buddy Juan asked ChatGPT a very specific question: What will be the best-selling video games of this same year 2023? Well, the most curious thing is that the AI ​​gave a rather curious answer, because none of the games it mentions have been released yet. But, above all, something in particular stands out: ChatGPT made a special mention of GTA VI with this test.

ChatGPT predicts which will be the best-selling video games of 2023

  • The AI ​​considered GTA VI to be the best-selling game of 2023
  • Something quite curious, since the game does not have a release date yet and no trailer has been seen yet
  • Will the game be released this year? Every time there are more clues which suggest that it would be ready sooner than expected
  • On another side, the other two games that would take up the rest of the podium spots would be Call of Duty 2023 and FIFA 24
  • The truth is that predictions make a lot of sense for different reasons: GTA V, Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 23 were the best-selling games in previous stagesso it would make sense that its sequels also hit him back then
  • I leave you below with the full text that came out in case you want to see it with your own eyes:

Will GTA VI be released in 2023?

  • Considering that still We haven’t even seen an initial trailer for GTA VI, it would be very rare for the game to see the light of day this year
  • What seems most likely did said trailer come out before january 2024 and that it serves to announce the release date of the game for next year

What did you think of this experiment? And, more importantly; What do you think will be the best-selling game of 2023? Is GTA VI coming out this year? The questions are piling up, but I don’t think ChatGPT has all the answers.

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