Beyond the memes you can do with GTA VI and with the enormous desire that we all have that the first trailer is out With a game date so we can stop hyperventilating and get back to normal life, let’s not forget that Rockstar Games continues to update the multiplayer side of GTA V with new content on a fairly frequent basis. And precisely today, April 27, 2023, The so-called Last Dose hardmode event is coming to GTA Online.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to the latter if it weren’t for, as Rockstar Games commented through his own official blogthis one is coming with free rewards for everyone who meets a series of conditions in GTA Online. Therefore, below I tell you how to get them so as not to miss them. Let’s bother

GTA Online Last Dose Hardmode Free Event Rewards

EThis event will last until May 17 and, if we complete a series of specific missions, we will be able to obtain various free clothes and objects with which to customize our avatar.

  • Complete response in Hard mode to receive the Lime & Pink SC Coin wraparound glasses.
  • Complete Unusual Suspects in hard mode to get the classic embroidered DS Tigers designer jeans.
  • Complete detox in hard mode without dying to receive the VDG Black Cardigan and the VDG Black Bandana Baggy Designer Jeans.
  • Complete all Last Dose missions on hard difficulty to get the camouflage finish for the SMG.

Double GTA$ & RP in GTA Online April 27 Patch

  • Get 50% extra GTA$ & RP in the last dose
  • Double GTA$ & RP for completing objectives

All about vehicles from the GTA Online April 27 patch

  • Vehicle awarded by Car Meet: Överflöd Entity XF
  • On the podium at the Diamond Casino & Resort: Ocelot Lynx

Well, there you have all the information I wanted to highlight about the patch. What do you think of this new update for GTA Online?

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