If I’m being completely honest with you, I only knew about the existence of this anime a few months ago. To my surprise, golden boy is a series that in the nineties It aired on some Spanish TV channels with a Spanish dub It’s included to this day, it is still very popular on the Internet. Because? I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to this question and I hope some of you can answer it in the comments.

Considering the fact that people are always very interested in seeing this well-known comic anime, I decided to write a small article in which I will highlight What options currently exist to be able to see it legally in our country. Let’s go!

Watch anime on Netflix

We start with netflix. The platform of the big red N has a lot of anime in its catalog, yet today does not have broadcast rights series of the style of Golden Boy. It’s time to keep looking.

  • Netflix is ​​not worth us

Watch the anime on Crunchyroll


While searching for the name of our anime on Crunchyroll, I came across three different series that start with the word Golden, but I couldn’t find what I wanted. APPP OVAs are not available on the biggest anime streaming platform in the world, oh my.

  • Crunchyroll doesn’t work for us either to see Golden Boy

Watch the anime on Prime Video

first video

At first Prime Video gave me false hope when he showed me he had a series called Golden Boy, yet it was a production with live actors who also didn’t seem related to the manga. A pain.

  • Amazon Prime Video is not helping us

Watch anime on AnimeBox

anime box

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the one he left you just above is proof of that. when searching golden boy in the AnimeBox catalog, only “High Card” was released as a result, so it seems like cannot be viewed online through this service. However, it is important to note that Selecta Visión (owner of AnimeBox) has the license for this animeSo maybe in the future…

  • Currently, Golden Boy cannot be viewed on AnimeBox.

View anime through Selecta Vision

select view

If we look in the Selecta Visión store we will not find anything related to Golden BoyBut didn’t this distributor have the anime license? The answer is yes, and in fact he was in charge of publishing and selling a DVD edition from the Serie. However This print was very limited and was sold exclusively during the fifth edition of Japan Weekend in Barcelona.. Maybe second hand luck?

  • The physical format saves us half

Disney+, HIDIVE and other services


Unfortunately I couldn’t find any streaming service that owns the rights to Golden Boy, not even HIDIVE (which usually has a streak you wouldn’t expect). For now, it’s time to get excited and wait.


Golden Boy is a fairly popular anime from the 90s that is in high demand on the internet, unfortunately it’s Can’t watch it legally in Spain unless you manage to get hold of one of the DVDs Selecta Visión has released on a limited basis.. Hopefully the situation will change soon and it will be added to AnimeBox or another platform.

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